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от бутона, долу в дясно на страницата.



Или да изпратите имейл, като попълните формата по долу:

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    Ветом България



    As an example, you can pay attention to the Bacillus subtilis.
    It is a gram-positive aerobic spore-forming soil bacterium.

    The bacteria was first mentioned as Vibrio subtilis in 1835 by Ehrenberg,

    then in 1872, it was renamed by Koch to Bacillus subtilis.

    The name of this bacterium is linked to the

    senna extract from which the microorganism is obtained.

    About the emergence of the preparation Vetom based on Bacillus subtilis.

    Early as World War II, Bacillus subtilis was used as a bacterium

    to treat intestinal disorders. At that moment, General Rommel

    among his soldiers started to have diarrhea, due to the unfamiliar,

    food and bad water. And this is the current defeat for the army.

    The German scientists, who profited from the aid, were interested,

    in why everything was normal for the local residents.

    How this hastily presented to us, but it turns out to be a Bedouin

    who had just started the first symptoms of diarrhea, ran up to a camel,

    and tried to pick up and eat more warm excrement. What is their use?

    There the Bacillus subtilis bacteria live, which scientists have

    found to contain, live freely on camel’s humps.

    As a result of an artificially grown bacterium,

    Bacillus subtilis preparation produced, which

    like a result, saved the entire army.



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